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    Rustlick 631 is a new age solution to an age old problem. It fights rust thereby ensuring that your equipment and components stay perfect and function smoothly.

    • Appearance :Clear or slight cloudy Amber liquid
    • Odour:Pleasant Odour
    • Specific Gravity:0.80±0.02
    • Flash Points:>60°c min
    Protects against corrosion .Removes caked battery terminals.Loosens and removes dirt, grime and caked grease.Effective insulator ,Rustlick 631  prevents moisture-induced short circuits in motors..
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    ThreeBond’s products are now used in a wide variety of applications. They are used in automobiles and other vehicles, transportation equipment, public construction materials, building materials, electric and electronic equipment, and high technologies

    • Adhesives
    • Auto Aftermarket
    • Automation Equipments
    • Maintenance
    • Sealants Top
    ThreeBond products have become necessities in the production processes of various products in many areas..


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    Loctite barand products continue to provide innovation adhesive ans specialty chemical solution to customers around the word in industries as diverse as general industrial,automotive medical and electronics.

    • Identifying opportunities for improving reliability & create cost saving .
    • Products selection.
    • Trials,performance testing and evalution.
    • On-the-line implementation.
    • Post-Application service.
    You can select the correct Loctitle product needed for maintaining assemblies in plant-quickly,easily and conveniently.
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